What are you planning to do on Black Friday?

by Laura Sussely-Pope

Black Friday plansBlack Friday! It's the day that makes businesses giddy when all goes well and shoppers anxious as they stand in line, wanting to be first to grab the "big deal!"

This annual "event" looms mere days away, ready to push us headfirst into the holiday season. Many families who are serious about maximizing their savings are already combing through pre-leaked ads.

Others loathe the day, along with all the commercialization and case of the "gimmes" that seems to dominate their holiday.

What are you planning to do on Black Friday? Will you be crowding the malls or surfing the Internet for holiday sales?

Shopping on Black Friday

Family tradition: Usually I tend to avoid the crowds and craziness that shopping on the day after Thanksgiving can provide. This year, we're guests and Abby loves Black Friday shopping. I'll tagging along and knowing Abby, I'll enjoy myself tons," Julie says.

Watching the crowds: "I'm going to go shopping with my mom. I'm not a crazy that gets up super early and stands in line for something, though. I like to go a little later for the atmosphere and people watching," Meg shares.

Shopping from home: "I'll definitely be shopping on Black Friday, but online! I hate dealing with parking, lines, and crowds. I'd rather shop in my sweat pants and slippers, sipping my coffee," Anna says.

Taking your money "Somebody's got to do it! I'll be working and help y'all find those great deals," Geri says.

Going cold turkey on Black Friday

We don't mean heading to the fridge for another plate of leftovers. We're talking about taking a stand against the consumerist message of Black Friday, sometimes a rather bluntly.

Anything but shopping! "Personally, I'd rather get a frontal lobotomy then go shopping…especially on Black Friday. You couldn't pay me enough to go out with those crazy people. No freaking thank you," Dawn says.

Families first: "Families come before sales. The Black Friday creep hurts employees and families. I signed a petition on change.org asking retailers to give Thanksgiving back to families and won't be going shopping Thursday night," Celeste says.

Going local: "There's a little local shop down on our main street that do a little Black Friday event in the morning. It's a great place to pick up nice small gifts and stocking stuffers for the kids. I would consider supporting them," Kim says.

Opting out for a baby: I avoid shopping on Black Friday like the plague! This year I'm being induced that day if my little girl isn't here already. That's my idea of a good Black Friday!" Natalie tells us.

Other ideas and activities

Put up holiday decorations. "My tradition has always been to do my Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving. After all that company, I'm ready to enjoy a day to myself and doing something I enjoy,"

"The other tradition: I love Black Friday. I stay home and watch football while others sweat it out on the streets looking for bargains. Depending on the weather, I might go to Apple Bowl or maybe just tailgate," Becky says.

Just do nothing: "I prefer to putter around peacefully at home, where there's always something rewarding/fun to do, like watch old movies, bake cookies, play board games and eat those yummy leftovers," Elaine says.

White out Black Friday!

Are you one of the families who considers the day an opportunity to give back to the community?

Gifting to organizations: "Instead of shopping, I estimate my savings and then give to non-profit organizations in honor of family and friends," Sara shares.

A llama, anyone? "I buy and donate a llama each year through Heifer International, donate to MedWish and do some local things, too. It's a great way to us to welcome the holiday season," Sandy says.

What will you do be doing on Black Friday -- on the prowl for savings or home hang up decorations or hanging out with family?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.