What is the BBT Charting Tool?

To encourage the more accurate counts the mucus indicator used to pinpoint ovulation is customizable. It may be changed from egg white to "sticky" or "creamy" depending again upon personal preference.

There is no right or wrong weighing of individual predictors: these are different for every woman and may even vary from month to month. Additionally, the most accurate physiological method may not work well due to personality issues. For example, a "space cadet" who frequently forgets to take her temperature first thing in the morning may wish to rely more heavily upon an alternate indicator, despite that temperature may be more accurate if taken consistently.


While the Pregnancy.org BBT Charting tool uses a more accurate calculation engine, it relies upon the same conventions used by other charting application. For example, skipping a day of temperature input plots a dashed line indicating the day was skipped and the value not used in computing ovulation. Similarly, marking that a day is supposed to be ignored -- because temperature was taken at the wrong time, or for several other reasons -- plots the say with an outlined point and ignores it in internal calculations.

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