What to Expect at Third Trimester Prenatal Visits

At around 28 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor/midwife may change your prenatal visit schedule to once every two weeks. This change allows them to monitor your progress and does not necessarily mean complications are expected.

Your prenatal visits during this time frame will include:

  • Your weight measured
  • Your blood pressure taken
  • Your urine analyzed
  • Your abdomen measured to check your baby's growth (fundal height)
  • Listening to your babys heartbeat

Our doctors and nurses will review with you the following:

  • Any medication you are taking
  • Results of your glucose tolerance test, if taken
  • Any further prenatal testing that needs to be done
  • Any symptoms, concerns, or problems occurring since your last visit

Be sure to take your Prenatal Visit Checklist with you to every prenatal visit and discuss with our doctors and nurses.

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