What to Expect at Your Prenatal Visits, 29 - 32 Weeks

By this point in your pregnancy, you will probably be visiting your midwife/doctor every two weeks. Certain tests and measurements are part of each visit.

Expect to have:

  • Your weight measured
  • Your blood pressure taken
  • Your urine analyzed
  • Your abdomen measured to check your baby's growth (fundal height)
  • Your baby's heartbeat listened to
  • Because you are entering the latter stages of pregnancy, your provider may choose to perform a vaginal exam at any visit.

At about 28-32 weeks of gestation your cervical status may be checked and/or vaginal and cervical cultures obtained. Each visit will also provide you and our doctors and nurses an opportunity to review the following:

  • Any laboratory test or prenatal test performed at your last visit
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Any symptoms, concerns, or question you may have had since your last visit

If you intend to prepare for childbirth through special classes, you probably have attended at least your first session by now.

Remember that the goal of these classes is not only to help you and your partner better understand the birth process and how to manage it most comfortably, but to identify questions you want to ask your provider. Be sure you make these questions part of your next prenatal visit.

With the information from reading and classes, you'll be well on your way to a positive birth experience.

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