What to Expect at Your Prenatal Visits, 37 - 40 weeks

For many months, you have visited your midwife/doctor with a list of questions. Now you arrive with one more question; "Will this prenatal appointment be the last?"

It is an exciting time...an anxious time...and a time for discussing the last details of the upcoming delivery of your baby.

Your prenatal visits will still contain those familiar tests and checks, including:

  • Your weight measured
  • Your blood pressure taken
  • Your urine analyzed
  • Your abdomen measure to check your baby's growth (fundal height)
  • Your baby's heartbeat listened to

A vaginal exam may now be performed to:

  • Verify that the baby's head is at the cervix (presenting part)
  • Determine the baby's level in the pelvis (station)
  • Evaluate the shape and size of the pelvis
  • Assess the cervix for dilation, effacement, and softening
  • Obtain vaginal and/or cervical cultures, if indicated

Your provider may spend time reviewing:

  • Your decision regarding anesthesia, breast-feeding, circumcision, and postpartum contraception
  • Any prenatal or laboratory test performed since your last visit.
  • Signs and symptoms that would alert you to call or go to your delivery hospital.
  • If you are scheduled for a cesarean birth or for induction of labor

Reprinted by Pregnancy.org, LLC from Her HealthCare.