What Makes Families Special? Pregnancy.org Members Speak Out!

by Lodovica Trevisan

What Makes Families SpecialDNA might make your family unique. Something entirely different, that isn't necessarily scientific, makes it special.

A family doesn't have to be related. Some define a "special family" as a group of people who love each other, who spend holidays together, laugh together and share memories.

Others say that a family is a group of people who hold each other tight in the winter and love each other no matter what happens to them. They laugh together, eat together, sing together and nothing can pull them apart.

Our Members Talk About Families

"Family" can't be wrapped up in a box with a bow and handed out at a party. "Family" is a seed that's planted and taken care of with love, compassion and hope.

We asked the pregnancy.org members the question, "What makes a family special?" Here's what they had to say.

Nick smiles and says, "It's secret jokes (known only to the family), and shared goals."

"It's the bond you have with each other. You know what pushes their buttons and what brings them joy and you choice to bring joy. That makes families special, I think," Marcie shares.

Greg says, "It's about being together and someone always having your backs."

Jenn says, "It's that connection across generations that creates ties through history of one's own family tree. My little boys love their grandma. When we look at old pictures, they see their grandma's grandmother and grandfather. They don't have the words to explain, but they know that people in the family have always loved each other just like grandma and them."

Brianna says, "The creation of treasured memories makes families special. We do things together, have fun together, help each other and those memories keep our family going, even through hard times."

"Family is the definition of togetherness -- that turns those wedding vows of 'through richer or poorer, sickness and health' into a way of life," Becky says.

Lisa says, "I think families are special because each person, no matter how little, how pretty or how smart, is important. Sometimes people get lost in the crowd at school or at work. In a family, they're always special."

"Right now, knowing what makes a family special is hard. We're building a new set of traditions, just my daughter and I. Sometimes I think it's the people who support you. And other times I think it's love and energy you put into those people," Paula shares.

Dan says, "Before our little girl was born, I never thought much about family. I had one. We got together for a barbecue or someone's birthday. That was great. Then I had a daughter and my view of family suddenly changed. I saw how love over the years had built a group that cared about each other."

What makes your family special? Tell us in the comments below!


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I was adopted. My parents already had enough daughters and wanted a boy. They took me as an emergency foster placement, the rest is history. I have 4 siblings from being adopted, I was never treated differently then the bio kids. I have 2 step-siblings. I have 3 biological siblings. This means I have 9 older siblings, not all of us related by blood but definitely connected by love.