What Women Really Want for Valentine's Day

by Carles Cavazos Brito

It's that time of year where you're told that if you get your loved one "x, y, and z" they'll love you forever and will do whatever you want.

Do we believe the hype and give in? We must to some degree or the big chocolate companies wouldn't still be in business. Besides, chocolate can be good for you, really! But the mystery of what women want lingers on.

To solve this mystery, we follow cupid's trail to the "temple of love," otherwise known as the store where the magical bounty will be found, and enter bravely. You think to yourself, "Will she love me forever if I get just the right thing?"

Cupid's arrow hits and boom -- we're bowled over by Valentine's Day suggestions coming every which way and our heads start swimming with questions.

"Do I get her roses?

"Do I get her that diamond bracelet she's had an eye on?"

"Can I get away with a meaningful card?"

"Wow those chocolates look amazing...ack...how much?"

Even with all the choices in front of you, you're still left wondering what to get her. We can help you figure out the mystery, finally!

We polled our Pregnancy.org members to see what they'd prefer to get this year. Their choices were: Candy, flowers, jewelry or a meaningful card.

According to our poll, it turns out that a meaningful card means more to our members than the other choice.

Surprised? It isn't that unusual. Women adore sentimentality, the sappier the better. It's how we know you really love us. A carefully chosen card even beats chocolate -- and that's harder to swallow!

Here's how the numbers broke down:

  • 39% opted for a meaningful card
  • 27% thought jewelry added sparkle to the relationship
  • 21% found flowers brightened their day
  • Only 12% chose candy to sweeten the deal

We've discovered that many women have a message they long to hear. Whether it's, "I love you," "I need you," "I miss you," or even "You're my hero," it's the little things that add up to so much. As long as your message is heartfelt, your gift will be treasured and stored in a special place.

How can you deliver your special message? Try these ideas.

Use Humor: Lightheartedness is often the first casualty of a hectic family life. Keep fun alive with a playful or silly text.

Conjure up Connection: Let the words recall an affectionate moment that helps feel closer, loved and more relaxed.

Romance Her: Let a suggestive or sexy card light or rekindle the passion flame.

Of course, feel free to wrap up a wee bit of sparkle or sweetness along with that carefully chosen card! We prefer double-chocolate truffles by the way, thanks!

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