What's your favorite Pregnancy.org memory?

by Julie Snyder

Favorite memoriesThe past eleven years have been quite an adventure here at Pregnancy.org!

When you spend this much time together, you store away treasures…special memories that get tucked away to be pulled out for a "rainy day" smile.

We've reached out and asked our members, including our own Pregnancy.org staff, what memories stand out the most when thinking over their journey with us.

Favorite Pregnancy.org memories

Mollee Bauer, Pregnancy.org's founder and General Manager says, "One of my favorite things about our site, is that we get to help and empower women like you each and every day! While I may not get to personally say hello to each new member every day, we're always happy to hear from you! In fact, we strongly encourage you to connect with us."

♥ "I have so many fond memories, but I think my favorite memory was when I finally got pregnant with Gabe...joining the May birth board. They are an amazing group of women," Shellie says.

♥ "I enjoyed and continue to enjoy the exchanges on the debate boards. The threads can be filled with pertinent information...or they can get derailed into a totally different, but entertaining topic. I love the chance to hear other's points of view and to stretch my own comfort levels," Julie, Pregnancy.org's Senior Editor says.

Tina shares, "One of my best memories was when two of my best friends on site became pregnant the same month as me. We felt like the three musketeers and our husbands actually referred to us as such!"

♥ "Hands down -- the peanut butter (crunchy or smooth) debate. Best debate ever! Good times! It definitely took a turn and at points was quite educational. You had to be there!" a member who wishes to remain anonymous remembers.

♥ "When Uropachild got married and the entire site was invited to "witness" via virtual streaming. I didn't know her except through her tragic loss of her son, and then again later with her sweet daughter. I admire her for turning that pain into advocacy to educate others on Vasa Praevia to help avoid that type of suffering. She embodied what I see in so many of the members here -- a desire to help and lift one another on our journey," Ellen shared.

♥ "My fave memory is actually one that is ongoing -- our daily "chat" on the boards! Those gals make me laugh to the point of tears and are women I know I can share anything with," Hailey adds.

Rhianna says her, "...best memory was being able to post my goal weight on the Biggest Loser Club. My team cheered me through incredibly tough times on my weight loss journey and have transformed not only my life but that of my family. We eat healthier; exercise and play together, and I hope will reap the benefits for a lifetime!"

♥ "When I was able to announce the birth of my baby on my birth board! I never thought that I could have my baby naturally. In real life, I was surrounded by naysayers, all pushing me to have a medicated birth. While that may be the birthing choice of someone else, it wasn't what I wanted. The support I found here strengthened me to be able to believe, stand firm, and achieve my dream," Colleen says.

Angie says, "My best memory was also the toughest. I admitted all of my feelings that I was struggling with after the birth of my baby -- anger, a disconnect and jealousy, deep sadness and guilt. I felt like a failure, afraid I'd never be normal and that my baby was going to suffer. I didn't want to share with my friends here because I care about what they think. I didn't want to be viewed as a bad mom. Instead of judgment, I was given understanding, empathy, and encouragement to seek professional help for postpartum depression. It took courage and enabled me to become the mom I longed to be and that my babies deserve."

♥ "My favorite memory of all? The day I joined Pregnancy.org and connected with the best people ever!" Jess shouts out.

What Pregnancy.org memory do you have to share with us?

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