What's Your Style of Maternity Wear?

by Courtney Sullivan

maternity t-shirtYou wake up, go to get dressed like you always do, and discover that nothing's fitting right.

What the heck?

These clothes you got just a few weeks ago fit just fine.

That moment's finally arrived -- your regular clothes don't fit anymore.

Your growing baby bump can certainly play havoc with your favorite wardrobe look! Thankfully, new "maternity styles" add plenty of variety for moms-to-be.

We asked our members to tell us which style of maternity clothes they preferred to wear most and here is what they said:

48 percent said "Jeans and Tees...the usual me!"
32 percent said, "All comfort, all day!
9 percent said they preferred, "Dresses, skirts, and all things loose!"
7 percent said, "Sweats, flip flops and a ponytail."
4 percent came in with, "Haute to Trot" in designer wear.

Give Me Comfort and Style

Maternity and fashion are two words our members want to see together.

Tabatha Wrisley, Mommy Appleseed Maternity Clothing, suggests moms-to-be splurge on the basics. She says, "Most moms-to-be are still working up until their last trimester and need not only clothing that works for them, but that is also fashionable and appropriate for an office. Start off your maternity wardrobe with staples that can be dressed up or down such as black slacks, tees, and some simple wrap tops. These maternity basics will help you to go from casual to dressy with simple mix and matching."

"You only look as good as you feel, so embrace your new curves and dress them up a bit" ~Tabatha Wrisley

Designer Wear

Expecting moms want to be comfortable. They also want to look like something other than a round blob in lace and bows. Our members tell us all the time they want to accomplish this feat without breaking the bank. Good news! Designers are rushing to fill the need while women are sharing mix and match tips that appear to expand a basic wardrobe.

The Versatile Maternity Jeans

What's not to love? You can breathe and you can eat with room left over. You can dress these jeans up or down, depending on your choice of shirt.

"Although I still wore jeans and t-shrts most days, I went out and got shirts that were baby themed or cuter than my normal shirts or showed off my bump a lot more. I did this until I got huge at the end and then I wore the same sundress everyday because it was the only thing that didn't itch the heck out of me." ~CharleneDoktor, Pregnancy.org member

Clothes That Flow, Not Bind

"I love the maternity dresses! They are so comfy, and my legs are the only skinny part of me anymore...might as as well show them off! ~Elizabeth, Pregnancy.org member

The Lounge About Clothes

Megan, another Pregnancy.org member admits, "I voted "all comfort, all day" but if I didn't have to work it would be sweats, flip flops, and a pony tail the entire 3rd trimester!"

Alai, a Seattle native says she, "lives in yoga pant, skirts and t-shirts."

You don't have to go undercover because you're pregnant. Don't sacrifice your favorite style just because you're having a baby. Browse around and pick up comfortable clothing to fit your attitude, lifestyle and your changing body!

Tell us what some of your favorite pieces and styles are in the comments!

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