When Breastfeeding Doesn't Work Out

For additional information about topics discussed in this article, you may want to check out the articles "When Nursing Mothers Get Sick", "Drugs and Breastfeeding", and "Lactation Supression" (this article also includes information about human milk banks and how to contact them regarding donor milk).

There is a website called "MOBI" (mothers overcoming breastfeeding issues) which provides information and support for women who are dealing with breastfeeding problems. The web address is: mobi@egroups.com.


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Anne Smith, IBCLC has been a La Leche Leader since 1978 and IBCLC since 1990. As a nursing mother, LLL Leader, and IBCLC, Anne has worked in many areas over the years. She has led support group meetings, taught breastfeeding classes, trained breastfeeding peer counselors, worked one-on-one with mothers to solve breastfeeding problems, helped thousands of mothers with breastfeeding questions over the phone, held workshops for health professionals, taught OB, Pediatric, and Family Practice Residents breastfeeding at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, and run a breast pump rental station for the past eleven years.

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