When Did You First Feel Like a Mom

by Courtney Sullivan

Feel Like MomSome say that becoming a mom takes time. Then there are those that claim that you start feeling like a mom when you hold a doll, help a friend or choose a mate. Other believe that they've transformed into a mom with a positive pregnancy test.

Over the last months, we've asked our members questions and collected responses to see when a women feels like she becomes a mom. When we asked when did they feel like a mom, the answers were not what we thought they'd be.

What do you think? Is the road to motherhood a gradual one or does it appear in the twinkling of an eye?

Thinking of a Baby

Are you one of the little girls who dreamed of growing up and having babies? Motherhood has planted its roots deep in our lives. For other women, that biological clock doesn't start ticking quite so soon, but once moving, look out!

  • "I'm so broody today. A friend had a baby and he is the sweetest baby." ~cupcake
  • "I've had my baby's name picked out forever..." ~Shawn
  • "My husband is talking about a baby and points out tiny babies when we are at the store or wherever. Baby fever can be horrible (especially with someone as impatient as I am)." ~Caitin

The Positive Pregnancy Test

Parenthood suddenly becomes real with your positive pregnancy test. When you ask moms-to-be about their first thoughts, there is a common theme. It's amazing how much we worry about our wee ones before they are born, but that's not unexpected. Worry and motherhood seem to go hand-in-hand.

  • "With my first: How can I do this? I'm still a kid. With my second: I wonder if it's a boy or girl." ~Kimberly
  • "Will this one take?" ~Laura
  • "Will I have another preemie?" ~Yvonne

When Baby First Seemed "Real"

When did your baby become a real person to you or were they always? The magical moment might have been when you first heard the sweet thumping heartbeat or saw a profile of baby on an ultrasound. A very solid instance would be feeling the first firm kick from a tiny, but strong foot.

  • "I got to see my little one on the ultrasound! Although another mom is holding my baby now, I feel like I'm really going to be a mom" ~Natalie
  • "My sister got her doppler back from her friend today. Tonight my husband and I were able to hear squirt's heart beating away." ~Kier
  • Last night I had a great dream about the new baby. I woke up with so many good feelings. I'm starting to really look forward to meeting this little babe in June." ~lexirunner

When Baby Comes Home

Did you feel like a mom once you got home with your baby? We asked new moms to describe their feelings when they first brought their baby home.

  • With the first one, I was all alone, so I did the best I could. With the second it was like, 'Thank God we're home' since he'd been in NICU." ~laura
  • "I can't believe they let us just walk out of there with her! I'm not qualified!" I soon found out I was indeed qualified." ~erin
  • "So, now I am a mother.." ~adaobi

We'd love to hear when all of our moms and moms-to-be first felt like a mom! Share your story in the comments!