When the Barber Shop is Scary

by Ann Douglas

Scary Barber ShopSome preschoolers are scared to death of going to the barber for a hair cut. Try these tips to put your kid at ease.

See if your child can give you any clues about what he finds so scary about going to the barber's.

Is it the thought of having someone cut his hair with scissors?

The sound that the razor makes when it buzzes the back of his neck?

The idea of having his hair washed in the sink or squirted with the strange-looking squirt bottle?

Does he worry about falling off the board that's placed on the barber's chair to raise him up a little higher or something else entirely?

If you can find out what his fears are, you can figure out ways of addressing them. For example, explaining that while it hurts to get your finger nicked by a pair of scissors, it doesn't hurt to have your hair cut.

Other solutions that have worked well for other families include:

  • Getting the entire family's hair cut at once.
  • Taking your child to the barber's with other kids the same age so that your child can see other kids being "brave."
  • Choosing a kid-friendly hair salon that shows movies and cuts kids' hair while children sit in race cars or on ponies.
  • Using a mobile hairdressing service that comes to your house.

If these dandy ideas fail, you can opt for in-house coiffures until your child finds the trips to the barber shop a little less "hair-raising."

What tips can you share?

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