Which Sweeteners Are Considered Safe During Pregnancy?

What Artificial Sweeteners Are NOT Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Saccharin (Sweet and low): Although it is not used as much today as in the past, it still appears in many foods, beverages and other substances. he FDA does consider saccharin to be safe to use for the general public. Former studies that had linked saccharin to an increased risk of developing bladder cancer have been dismissed by the National Toxicology program. But studies do show that saccharin crosses the placenta and may remain in fetal tissue, so its use for pregnant women still remains in question.

Cyclamate: This sweetener has been linked to cancer and is currently banned in the United States. Cyclamate is not considered safe for anyone including pregnant women.

If you use artificial sweeteners and are pregnant, it is always best to talk with your care provider on which sweetener you are using and how much you are consuming.
Last Updated: 2007

Reprinted with permission from American Pregnancy Association.


Don't believe the "safety" claims of sucralos or any artificial sweetener....and your precious FDA has been bought by a multi billion dollar industry....do your own research PLEASE ....my daughter in law cannot maintain a pregnancy (the longest she has gone is 5.5 months when she has a spontaineous miscarriage)....she refuses to take my warnings seriously or at least do her own research....Please for the sake of your health and your childs health do not consume any artificial sweeteners while your pregnant or otherwise....my mom lost 1 kidney to cancer...when she asked the surgeon how to live with 1 kidney he told her "I'll only give you one piece of advice, do not consume any artificial sweeteners. They will destroy your kidney and cause long term harm to digestive/reproductive organs"