Winter holiday crafts for kids of all ages

by Melissa Jaramillo

Winter Holiday CraftsThe weather outside may be frightful. The kids wandering around looking for "something to do" might be less than delightful.

Instead letting loose with an indoor storm -- word, snow or otherwise, what can you do?

Get busy with a craft project!

Bring out an old favorite or try one of ours. We've chosen activities that can be adapted to any age or kids of all ages working together. Pull out the supplies, set everyone up at the kitchen table, and let them go! Their creations are bound to bring smiles all-around!

Holiday crafts for kids of all ages

Holiday bags

Start with any size of brown paper bag. Lay it flat and add decorations. You might choose stamping, painting, stickers or cutting out pictures from magazines or old card and gluing those onto the bag. Allow it to dry and decorate the back. Glue or staple the ends of roping to the inside of both wide sides of the bag.

Snow-covered hand print trees

You won't need many supplies, light blue and white paper, paint and a tiny hand.

Fold a piece of light blue paper in half to use as the background. Cut a strip of the white paper at a slight angle so that it looks like a hill. Glue it over the blue paper with bottoms aligned.

Using a paint brush or sponge, cover your child's palm and fingers with brown paint. Make a hand print, fingers spread apart, in the middle of the paper. Paint a trunk to make the hand look like a tree or form one with a single finger. Allow to dry.

With a craft stick, dab glue on the tree and snow. Sprinkle white glitter or sugar over the glue and gently shake off the excess. A snowy, sparkling hand print tree!

Edible New Year's Eve countdown clock

Decorate a dollar store platter or large paper plate to help you welcome in the New Year. Paint or glue on the "hands" of your clock in the middle and add numbered cupcakes around the edge for a countdown that doubles as a snack!

Holiday treats for animals

Pick a tree in a somewhat secluded spot. In the afternoon, decorate the tree with your edible treats for animals. You could use pieces of apple, pear, grapes or bananas, nuts, bread smeared with peanut butter, vegetables, chunks of cheese, and your goodie-packed pine cones.

After you've finished, smooth the the ground around the tree with a rake. Come back the next morning to see which treats were big hits. Try to identify the tracks left behind. As a family, quietly, go visit your tree at night. You might get to see the animal "in person." No snorting! Yes, your children can be quiet for a few minutes.

Do you have a favorite winter time craft? Does it focus more toward the holidays or the season?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.