Worrying About Development

by Joely Martin

My son may not be as advanced as other children who are twenty-months-old. He may not know all his colors or be able to count to ten. Quite frankly I don't think he cares what the alphabet is. I really worried about this. Should I be working with him more on these areas? Should I buy flashcards that will help him learn all of these basic essentials? I was really worried!

The next day, I took my son out into our front yard, and we proceeded to go for a long walk. Isaac was riding his tricycle and I was walking along side him and it came to me. I have the best son in the world. He is happy and healthy. He loves with his whole heart, and has never truly had it broken. He has never really been disappointed or felt the effects of low self-esteem.

He is this fresh new soul that looks at the world as only a child can. He knows the important things in life. Like, what it is to have a hug when he needs it, or when he is scared or lonely there is a lap always waiting to crawl into. He loves to run and jump and giggle about garbage trucks, dogs barking and birds chirping. He finds great satisfaction in going for a walk or playing on a swing. He doesn't care about time or even if he is going to be late. The only thing that my son really cares about are the people he loves and that they are a part of his life.

So in answer to my above question, should I be doing more? The answer for me personally is simply no! Isaac has the next one hundred years to learn all the things that he needs. He may not be potty trained by two and he may not be reading Greek Tragedies by five. However, in his families' eyes, he is Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Luther Vandross all rolled into one little boy. When he speaks we hang on his every word, when he sings and dances we are convinced that he is destined to win a Grammy.

The truth of the matter is that he may not be president, or find the cure to cancer. He may not have a hand in or even see the end of racial tension, either. But one thing is for sure, we will be proud of him no matter what! Worries about development aside, I think he's doing just fine.

Joely is a proud mom to Isaac and Juliet, and holds a degree in Social Work.

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