Your Baby Has a Fever -- What Should You Do?

Keep your baby hydrated. Encourage breast or bottle-feeding. Give an electrolyte replacment drink such as Pedialyte™ between feedings. Count wet diapers. A hydrated baby has a wet diaper every three to hour hours.

• Continue to check for changes in how your baby looks and acts.

What is Febrile Seizure?

A febrile seizure is a convulsion that happens in a child with a fever. Most febrile seizures are over quickly and doesn't mean your child has epilepsy. These seizures won't cause any permanent harm.

During most febrile seizures, a baby will faint and then have convulsions or twitching of the arms and legs. It generally ends after a minute or two.

How to Handle a Febrile Seizure

Lay your baby on his or her side. Don't try to stop the convulsion or place anything in the mouth. Watch the clock. If the seizure last more than five minutes, call 911.

After the seizure stops, call your doctor. You might receive instructions for treating fever or asked to bring your baby in right away for an evaluation.

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