Your eight-month-old baby

The thumb, index and second finger work in cahoots and he is beginning to develop a pincer grasp. Those microscopic crumbs and bits of string that took time and effort to scoop into his mouth last month can now be vacuumed up in seconds.

Another milestone this month -- he learns to release items. The result is new favorite game. Baby drops it; you pick it up! Giving him a batch of blocks or soft toys and a large box or bowl to drop them in, one at a time, can provide hours of entertainment.

Note: These milestones may first appear this month. It's normal for them to happen later. Worried your little one isn't developing normally? Check out these developmental red flags.

The big picture

Dislikes become apparent. If he doesn't want his face washed, he'll covered with his hands. He might shove your hand away or simply turn away from food he doesn't want to eat.

Equally intense, he loves to practice his newly emerging skills of crawling and picking up things. His favorite games give him that opportunity -- crawling over mountains of pillows and scuttling away while you chase!

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