Prenatal Visits: Your First Appointment

• Talk time: You'll have a chance to learn about pregnancy -- from nutrition to birthing and everything in between. Take this chance to talk about how you're doing and ask any and all questions you might have.

Questions to Ask

Common questions at a first prenatal visit
You are free to ask about anything. For instance, ask about your period, diet, exercise, how to contact your provider in an emergency, sleep, sex, and birthing policies.

Looking for more questions? We've tapped our members to see what they'd ask. Try these out:

• What might help with morning sickness?
• Do you offer early blood test screening for Down syndrome?
• What can I do about constipation?
• Which screening and diagnostic tests do you suggest?
• Is light-headedness a normal pregnancy symptom?
• How much coffee can I drink?
• What can I take for a cold?
• Can I continue going to the gym?
• Does this cramping mean something's wrong?
• Can we continue having sex?
• I had a couple drinks before I knew I was pregnant. Will my baby be okay?

Helpful Resources

Learn about your pregnancy
Take advantage of the practical, thought-provoking and entertaining resources on early pregnancy we've gathered up. Whether you'd like a peek at your baby's development, wonder what's happening with your body or want to meet up with others sharing this stage of pregnancy, we have what you need.

Articles to Read
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Tools to Use
Find out what's happening each day in your pregnancy!
See how your baby changes each week.
Pregnancy Videos

Get Peer-to-Peer Support
Parent and Birth Groups on Facebook on Twitter

Before you go to your appointment, print out this article and create your own list of notes to share with your healthcare provider!

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