Your four-month-old baby

by Julie Snyder

4 month oldYour four-month-old has entered the interactive stage and interact she does with her whole body!

She mimics mouth movements when you are talking particularly if you exaggerate your own mouth.

Not only does she answer you, but attempts to start a chat! Add to that the ability to entertain herself for minutes at a time in an bouncer/exerciser seat!

Social and emotional development

When he sees a familiar face, he throws his hands in the air to greet. Perhaps manners aren't a high priority quite yet as he grabs at your face, glasses, mouth and hair. He doesn't mean to be rude or hurt you; it's just you are so fascinating! To your four-month-old, the world is a huge game. He loves to play peek-a-boo, bounce the conversation ball, sing a song, and dance.

Language development

talking with whole bodyIn addition to enjoying her own voice, she babbles to get attention. There are some new sounds -- she's adding consonants (ba-ba-ba). While she has been trying for weeks to mimic sounds, now she is copying your inflections and gestures. Have you noticed she vocalizes different sounds for different needs? When babbling gets old, she experiments with volume. Gone are the days of that quiet newborn whimper. Welcome to the world of screams and squeals! Those unexpected squeals can startle you and she might even scare herself.

Cognitive development

He has learned which sounds and gestures get a response. Both you and he are happier now that he's able to communicate many of his wants. He's aware of colors now. That certainly opens up a new world. Favorites are bright natural colors -- especially red and blue. Because he now has depth perception, he might be afraid of heights.

Large motor skills

She's able to sit propped on floor with pillows or in the highchair. She can support most of her weight. Bouncing in your lap or a bouncer is a favorite activity. She does push-ups and might actually get some of her tummy off the floor. Rolling from her tummy to her back is an accomplishment many active babies reach.

Fine motor skills

stares at rattleShe reaches with one hand and her aim is improving. Keep your hot drinks and breakables out of range! She's able to transfer toys from hand to hand and might play with blocks. Her mouth is still her favorite tool for exploring. She's starting to compare what she feels with what she sees.

Note: These milestones may first appear this month. It is normal for them to happen later. Worried your little one isn't developing normally? Check out these developmental red flags.

The big picture

Now your baby can accurately judge the distance between his eyes and an object. He will reach for and grasp toys with precision. He needs you to provide opportunities to safely practice these new skills and to help him calm when he's had enough. Hug and snuggles are still very high on his need list.

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