Kid's Activity: Zoo Crafts!

by Melissa Jaramillo and Julie Snyder

Your children will be eager to commemorate their day at the zoo! Below are just a few craft ideas they may enjoy!

Lion Masks

• Paper Plates
• Colored paints, markers or crayons
• Scissors
• Optional: Yarn in browns, yellows, oranges


  • First paint or color your "lion's face" as you wish. Don't forget to add in the mouth and whiskers!
  • Once dry (or colored), next use the scissors to cut slits around the outer edge of the plate to form the "mane" of your lion. Have mom or dad cut out holes for your eyes.
  • Fold the slits up so that they stand around the "face" of your lion.
  • Optional: Glue on strands of yarn for the mane. Alternate colors for a more authentic look!

Now you're ready to roar!


• 6 or more toilet paper cardboard tubes
• Yarn
• Construction paper or card stock
• Paints of various colors (or all one color if your child prefers)


  • Paint the cardboard tubes and allow to dry. (Note: Always protect your painting surface by covering with newspaper and wear old clothes or a paint smock!) Older kids may want to try to paint a pattern on their snake's body!
  • Using construction paper or card stock, draw and cut out your snake's head and tongue (Make head approximately the same size as one cardboard tube.)
  • Run yarn through all the tubes and tie on the first and last tubing. One option is to tape firmly into place on the inside.
  • Attach the "face" of your snake to the first tube.
  • Optional: Add "google eyes" or draw on.

Watch out! Your snake may slither away!!

Monkey Fun!

• Ink pad
• Construction paper
• Fingers!

Draw a scene with jungle trees and plants. Next, press your thumb into the ink and onto the paper. Put two thumbprints together to form the body of your monkey. Next, draw on arms, legs, and of course the tail! Experiment with other fingers and allow your child to make various size monkeys. Parents, join in!

Treat time!

Don't forget to provide a snack after all that work. What else -- but animal crackers! Yummy!

Julie Snyder is a mom of six, interested in kids, pregnancy, birth, people and lives in the outlying Seattle area. Melissa Jaramillo is mom to many. She's passionate about building, encouraging, and strengthening families on this adventure known as parenthood!

Copyright © Melissa Jaramillo and Julie Snyder. Permission to republish granted to, LLC.