• Unveiling the Mysteries of hCG

    If you are like most women, even the mere thought of "Am I or am I not pregnant" can be a period filled with anxiety and/or excitement as you await a clear answer either way. Detective hats in place, we have tracked down and unmasked the one that can give you a definitive response.

  • Being Careful with Sugar

    The average American today eats over 150 pounds per year of refined sugars -- compared to zero pounds during most of human history. High consumption of sugar (and the elevated levels of insulin that come with it) is associated with Type II diabetes, weight gain and other health complications.

  • Read WITH Your Baby!

    While reading with little ones may not be exactly as you had expected, with an awareness of common baby reading behavior and some tips from the trenches, you can create a fertile soil for the love of reading and watch it grow.

  • Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Devastate Me!

    The "R" word.  Well, that's progress.  At least we are calling it the "R" word, suggesting the entire word should not be spoken aloud.  Retard.  Retarded.  As in, "I'm so retarded."  "What a retard."  Bantered about without much forethought--by most.  It hurts those of us who have children who are, in fact, mentally retarded.

  • Potty Training 101

    Parents anticipate potty training as the milestone that will take us from diaper duty to a modicum of freedom. We know we will still have clean up little spills, wipe bums and do laundry twice a day until the little gaffer gets the hang of things; yet we clamor towards that small light at the end of the diaper genie that seems to signify a tiny morsel of freedom.

  • Five Things Toddlers Teach Us About Back Pain Relief

    Toddlers may have to rely on grown-ups to teach them how to tie a shoe and use the potty, but when it comes to knowing how to sit, stand, bend and walk with ease, we can take our cues from these agile little ones.

  • How to Stop Heartburn During Pregnancy

    There's no greater surprise for a woman than learning she is pregnant for the first time except for the first time she experiences one of mother nature's unkindest pregnancy symptoms -- Heartburn! Hopefully, this article will quickly help you solve the burning symptoms of heartburn should they arise.

  • Massage Your C-section Scar

    Much of the recovery process after a c-section birth feels out of your control. Really, other than "taking it easy," patients are given little information on how they can help avoid painful issues down the road; however, there is one simple activity that can aid in both your recovery and long term prognosis -- massaging your surgical scar.