• Baby's First Christmas

    Your baby's first Christmas can be fun -- just relax and be prepared! Happy holidays!

  • Sawing Logs: Snoring During Pregnancy

    Snoring should not be taken lightly, especially in pregnancy. Why? Because snoring is associated with other health related complications for both mom and baby.

  • Changes Your Baby Experiences at Birth

    Imagine it's a really cold winter morning, and you're buried under cozy, warm blankets, not even wanting to peek a finger out. Then suddenly the alarm blares at you and you're forced to jump out of bed. It's quite the contrast, but nothing compared to the changes your baby faces at birth.

  • Abbie's Arrival: A Home Birth Story

    Emma was considered high risk this pregnancy. Most people told her to just suck it up and have a c-section. She chose to follow her gut instincts, and fight for what she felt was right, even if it went outside of what most people consider "normal" for today's child bearing mothers.

  • Are You an Emotional Overeater?

    Perhaps you eat when you're tense, lonely, afraid, depressed or angry -- pretty much anytime things go wrong. If so you may be overeating in response to emotions. Take this short quiz to find out.

  • Questions to Ask About Your Multiple Pregnancy

    Having one baby is cause enough for a new or even an experienced mom to worry. But the worry only multiplies at hearing you're carrying multiples. So, after you've had a moment to freak out or pick your partner up off the floor, now is the time to get serious and start asking the right questions to get your pregnancy off to a great start.

  • A "Time-Out" on Time-Outs

    This old-school form of discipline can do more harm than good. The "time-out" technique is not so effective -- and it can even lead to harmful side effects. Put this punishment to rest for good and do these simple steps for a better alternative.

  • Help Kids Feel Good About Learning

    As curriculum requirements continue to increase in all levels of education, students are experiencing considerable amounts of school stress. Take a proactive approach of instilling a positive attitude in your child about school,

  • Pregnant for the Holidays: To Toast or Not to Toast?

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, the age old question raises itself along with the clink of glasses -- can I join in the festivities with family and friends by having an alcoholic drink to celebrate. Maybe just one?