• The Important First Prenatal Appointment

    Come in to see your OB/GYN as soon as you think you're pregnant. Honestly, there is nothing more important for getting you and your baby off to a great start!

  • Baby's First Holiday Dinner

    Sharing the fabulous flavors of the holidays with your new baby is an experience that you'll cherish. Even though your baby may not be eating all types of table food yet, there are plenty of foods choices that can make a festive and delicious holiday dinner.

  • Engaging Your Four-Month-Old in Play

    The beauty of this age is that it takes very little effort on your part to keep your baby engaged and happy. YOU are the favorite toy. Your baby is all about being the center of attention and will bask in every conversation and silly face you make.

  • Feeding your Toddler

    Want to help your toddler develop healthy eating habits? Offer only healthy food. But even more important than what your child puts in his or her mouth is a healthy relationship with food.

  • Holidays Put Pressure on Women to Schedule Early Delivery

    Having a due date close to the holidays can mean pressure from healthcare providers or family for pregnant women to schedule their baby's birth -- with induction or planned cesarean. But research shows that scheduled deliveries can be dangerous to moms and babies.

  • Red Cabbage Gender Determination Test

    Does it seem frivolous to spend money on gender determination when you have a free test -- that big ultrasound -- coming up soon? But you really want to know! We've got the perfect solution for you -- the fun, the inexpensive and the seemingly accurate Red Cabbage Gender Determination Test!

  • Do You Need More Hours in Your Day?

    Do you often say, "There are not enough hours in a day" or "I just wish I had more time"? If you have answered yes, then this may be a sign that your life is out of balance. How do you find balance in your life?

  • Postpartum Depression: Dealing with Comments

    Why is it that women feel obligated to answer personal questions just because they're asked? There are better ways and worse ways of dealing with unwanted questions and comments. Following are a few scenarios that you may encounter: