• An OB Shares the Secrets of Pregnancy

    Over the next nine months, your body changes can leave you baffled: Should you call a doctor? What's normal? Below is a roadmap to 10 possible pregnancy side effects and the best responses to them:

  • Overcoming Positive Parenting Roadblocks with Emotion Coaching

    Tired of the tantrums, the constant fighting, the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach
    after you've yelled at your child? You're not alone. Author Kimberley Clayton Blaine explains how emotional coaching raises healthier, happier kids and helps you get past some common parenting problems.

  • My Birth Story in Pictures

    Remember what it was like to anticipate the birth of your child? Maybe some of you are doing that right now.

  • Choosing the Right Breast Pump

    Breast feeding has significant benefits to both mother and baby. With many moms returning to work before the baby is ready to wean, information on choosing the best pump is essential.

  • Health Savings Accounts for Families with Children

    Health Savings Accounts are gaining in popularity as employers find that patients are attracted to the lower premiums associated with HDHPs, and the self-employed or uninsured are finding the HDHP / HSA combination to be the most affordable health coverage option out there. For families, are HSAs a good idea?

  • The Reality of Pregnancy: A Week by Week Guide to Crazy Ladies

    Wondering what to expect during your partner's pregnancy? It's a good idea to have realistic expectations -- then you may be pleasantly surprised. Just for the record, only about 10% of women experience happy, blissful pregnancies. Here's a guide that will help you navigate that other 90%.

  • VBAC Scare Tactics: Big Baby, Big Problems

    Many women who want to have a vaginal birth after cesarean in the U.S. and elsewhere have faced some sort of opposition from their care providers when they have expressed their desire to VBAC. Oftentimes, this opposition comes in the form of "VBAC scare tactics."