• Why Ice Chips Can Chip Away at a Healthy Birth

    During one of the most physically intense events of their lives, women are still routinely limited to ice chips and sips of water during labor, despite strong research showing no benefit, and possible harm to women and their babies.

  • Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy

    Fatigue, weight gain, constipation, insomnia, and lethargy... Is it possible that this woman is experiencing something more severe than the normal, early pregnancy symptoms? Could it be hypothyroidism?

  • Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

    Every woman has her own unique menstrual cycle. A cycle refers to the number of days from one period to the first day of the following period. If you understanding your cycle, you'll by ready for your period, you can predict ovulation, and you will recognize signs that might mean you're pregnant.

  • The DOs and DON'Ts of Baby Dental Care

    Like so much about having a new baby in the house, dental care may seem daunting. It's important though. Early preventative care will help your little one establish good habits and prevent traumatic dental care issues from cropping up any time during life.

  • Over-the-counter Gender Prediction Tests

    The gender prediction test claims that it uses a first morning urine that you mix with "proprietary chemicals" that then reacts with a combination of unnamed hormones, and viola, you know the gender of your baby. Is it accurate?