• Coping with Your Feelings about Visitation

    Setting up and living with a parenting plan is a big change for everyone. All of you must get used to a new schedule. Perhaps the hardest part though, is learning to handle how you feel about visitation.

  • The Best Insurance for Raising Safe and Happy Kids

    Love is more than a wonderful gift to give your children; it's also good insurance. Showing your love tells them they are worthy of love and respect and shapes their expectations of how others treat them.

  • Five Steps to a Calmer Evening

    Whether you work outside the house or stay at home full-time, the toughest part of the day is the same: those frantic early evening hours when there are mouths to feed, homework to do, and cranky kids to handle. The trick is to streamline your to-do's so you can feel calmer and focus on what counts. Here' how:

  • Inside Your Wife's Head: Defragging the Hard Drive

    She's not as playful as before the kids' arrival. What's going on inside her head? If you want to understand, think of her brain as the dependable family PC. The game processing speed is diminishing as more practical work packages are added to the hard drive to handle the increasing family demands.

  • Co-Parenting Primer

    The key to making a co-parenting arrangement successful is respect. You likely have a lot of bad feelings towards the other parent, but you need to find a way to separate your parenting from those feelings. Your goal is to create a good life for your child and you can do that by parenting together in a respectful and cooperative manner.

  • Co-Parenting an Adopted Child

    As if divorce isn't hard enough, it can be even more complicated when you are trying to work out custody of an adopted child. Adoption often makes the situation emotionally more difficult for the child, and may make you concerned about what your rights are.

  • Divorced Parenting: Biting Your Tongue!

    Your child has two parents and although you are not in love with each other anymore, and in fact, may not even like each other, it's best for your child if you work together as parents.

  • Back to School, Back to Schedules

    As your child heads back to school, this is a good time to re-evaluate and tweak your parenting schedule. Fall is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings and a chance to get organized in all aspects of your life.

  • Bon Voyage: Visitation During Summer

    Many children spend large chunks of time with their non-custodial parent over the summer. That first long visitation can be tough on the custodial parent and the child. These offers tips that can make it easier on you both.