• Money Madness: Child Support and Visitation

    The time your child spends with both of you has nothing to do with child support. Custody is only the preliminary factor in setting up child support. The non-custodial parent must pay it to the custodial parent. But beyond that, what happens with your parenting plan has no impact on child support.

  • Pregnant Sex a Taboo? You MUST Be Joking!

    Bursting with life, the pregnant body can often allow for women to become multiply orgasmic and extremely desirous. Due to the bath of "love" hormones like oxytocin, coupled with vaso-dilation, the biggest barriers to sex during pregnancy is usually misinformation.

  • Five Easy Steps to Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

    Exercise is probably the furthest thing from a woman's mind during the sleep-deprived first weeks of her new baby's life. However, sneaking these clever little toning and strengthening moves into your daily routine (if there can be such thing in the earliest weeks of life) will jumpstart your energy and increase your confidence.

  • Tuning Into Your Sensual Self During Pregnancy

    Early pregnancy's wash of emotions and body image issues can be profound for most women. Many feel as though their sexy factor decreases with every inch around the middle, especially in our "thin" culture. Danielle Cavallucci shares tips to help maintain a positive self-image and sex life during pregnancy.

  • Eight Reasons Sex is a Must-do During Pregnancy

    With so many myths surrounding sex and pregnancy, it's no wonder many couples forego the urge completely. Sex, however, is recommended for mom, baby and partner well-being save in rare cases of medically risky pregnancies. Here are eight reasons you should keep your sensual self in high-gear during pregnancy.

  • Ten Ways To Have a Baby On a Budget

    Thinking of having a baby? Are you already expecting? Not sure if you can afford the additional costs? There is no question that adding that little bundle of joy can add up. Here are ten simple and painless ways to cut costs and lower your financial related stress.

  • Five Ways to Bond With Your Baby Before Birth

    During the first trimester the only thing you may be bonded with is the toilet bowl. Once you begin to feel your baby move or kick it may be easier to develop a connection. Here are a few fun and easy ways to begin a relationship with your growing baby:

  • Five Easy Ways to Bond with Your New Baby

    During these first weeks, you may be all consumed trying to meet the basic needs of your baby and yourself it is also important to remember to try and connect with your baby and find joy in simple ways. This early bonding will be rewarding for both of you later on.