• Recipe: Eggplant pastitsio -- Greek-style lasagna

    Pastitsio, a combination of ground meat, diced eggplant, tomatoes and spices make the base. Then tubular pasta, cheese sauce and more meat is spread on top. It's baked until bubbly and golden brown. It's a dish you'll make year after year.

  • Recipe: Vasilopita -- Greek New Year's Bread

    January 1 is the feast day of Saint Basil, a fourth century bishop known for his generosity to the poor. He helped the needy by anonymously hiding gold coins in cakes that were delivered to the poor. It's a tradition in Greece to hide a coin in the Vasilopita, a rich yeast bread.

  • Counting down to Santa -- last minute activities

    The kids are already bouncing off the walls. You're pulling out your hair. Even the dog's in the action, flying in crazy circles. If Santa doesn't come down the chimney soon, you'll go through the roof! Here's how you can help them survive -- and enjoy -- these final hours 'til "ho-ho-ho" arrives!

  • After-Christmas sales guide -- get bargains, not burns

    With Christmas tomorrow, the "After Christmas" sales begin. And you thought Black Friday rocked for bargains! While known for being prime exchange time, the week after Christmas picks up steam with great deals on practically everything. Here's how you can nab the best deals in store and online.

  • Camping in your living room -- celebrating the year's shortest day

    Just think, from this point forward every day gets a little bit longer. Hello spring! Ok, maybe not quite yet, but each day brings it a little bit closer and that's definitely a reason to celebrate. How about camping in the living room? It's an activity that may make the long night seem way too short.