• Premature Deliveries: An Uphill Battle

    Prematurity is the biggest challenge a baby can face. The good news is that there are new methods of diagnosis that can identify women who are at risk and prolong their pregnancy as much as possible.

  • National Infant Mortality Awareness Month

    Did you know that nearly seven babies will die before their first birthday for every thousand who are born in the U.S.? In recognition of September as the National Infant Mortality Awareness Month, I'd like to share some SMART tips to pregnant women:

  • Smart Tips for Taking a Hospital Labor and Delivery Tour

    An advance tour of the labor room not only removes the mystery of the unknown but provides a firsthand view of where your baby will make his or her grand entrance. Many hospitals offer free tours of their labor and delivery suites, and expectant families should take full advantage of this opportunity.

  • The Real Truth about Morning Sickness

    So, you're retching, gagging, vomiting and plain miserable. Sound familiar? Well, you're not alone. Approximately 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women have experienced these symptoms at least once during their pregnancy but believe it or not, it eventually stops. Listed below are some strategies for giving you some relief.

  • Twin Pregnancies and IVF: Not a Benign Act

    Is there any wonder why there is a low compliance to follow the prescribed guidelines and attempt conception with just one embryo when the chances of a live birth are improved with two? Unfortunately, the greater the number of embryos, the greater the risk of preterm deliveries, therefore having a twin pregnancy is not a benign act.

  • The "Don't Buy Me Any Stuff" Gift Guide

    So even though we placed a holiday moratorium on buying each other stuff there was absolutely no restrictions on the act of giving. Of course, without the stuff option to fall back on, we each faced the creative challenge of figuring out what to give. By far the best innovation emerging from our new tradition was...

  • Hands Off My Belly! Pregnancy Myth Quiz

    Besides gender predictions, a pregnant woman is also apt to acquire an earful of advice about miscarriage, dietary habits and cravings, hair growth, weight gain, and childbirth -- from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, sisters-in-law, new mothers, friends, and even strangers. And, of course, everyone wants to touch her belly.

  • Santa's Coming: Teaching Kids to Be Appreciative

    If you haven't checked that calendar, here's a word to the wise. The holidays are quickly approaching which means sooner or later your child is going to be receiving a gift from someone. (Are you with me so far?) My only question to you is this: "How well do your kids handle disappointment" when that gift they are anticipating from Grandma, Uncle Fred or Sister Sue doesn't meet their hopeful expectations?

  • Dad's Role in Breastfeeding: How to Help Mom

    Fathers are powerful allies contributing to breastfeeding success. Do not allow yourself to be excluded from this time in your child's life. Study and learn, roll up your sleeves and get in the game. Your family stands a much better chance of success if you actively support breastfeeding and actually help your wife breastfeed.