• Dad's Role in Breastfeeding

    Mothers consistently rate their husband's support as the most important contributing factor to breastfeeding success. The father is more important than grandmothers, best are even better than nurses, doctors, and lactation consultants.

  • For Parents: Healing Yourself

    Virtually all of us were wounded as children, and if we don't heal those wounds, they prevent us from parenting our children optimally. But the good news is that being parents gives us an opportunity to heal ourselves.

  • Love Your Butter, Baby!

    Butter helps make healthy babies! Butter boosts fertility! Butter helps keep us fit! Curious? Read more!

  • Fantasy vs. Reality: Plan for the Unexpected Birth

    I was planning for a natural birth. Every girl imagines her first kiss, her wedding day and what it will feel like to have a baby. Part was through pregnancy, out of the blue, a friend said, "Oh, I've been meaning to tell you...if things don't go the way you have planned," she paused briefly, yet thoughtfully, "it's okay." For some reason, her words anchored themselves into my mind.

  • Healing the Family After Child Sexual Abuse

    Have you discovered that your child has been abused? It is an overwhelming time for you and your family. One step you may find helpful is to use this trauma as the impetus to create a very open, honest, and supportive family life. Here's how...

  • Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret

    Orgasmic Birth, visual storytelling at its best, is Debra Pascali-Bonaro's response to the crisis in birth today, with its increasing obstetric medicalization of labor and escalating cesarean section rates. It alternates nine birth stories with commentary by midwives, physicians, and educators.

  • Your five-month-old baby

    A five-month-old checks things out three ways. She explores it with her hands, feels it with her mouth and looks at it with her eyes. Your baby explores head to toe -- literally!

  • Your four-month-old baby

    Your four-month-old has entered the interactive stage and interact she does with her whole body! What else will she accomplish this month?

  • Your three-month-old baby

    Whether it's because your three-month-old is more organized or you're more comfortable with each other cues, parents often describe this month as easier and the baby as a delight!

  • Your two-month-old baby

    Your two-month-old has adjusted to life outside the womb and is ready to take on the world! He hits a mobile and it moves. This month is all about empowerment. Your baby is discovering that he can make things happen!