• Taming the Holiday Gimmees

    We see the Gimmees when our children see another toy commercial, whine or throw a tantrum in a crowded store because, heaven forbid, the gift we just bought wasn't for them! By the time we are wrapping gifts we often feel more like Scrooge than Santa, having heard all the creative ways our children can finish the sentence "I want..."

  • Immunize Yourself Against Toxic People

    Most parents will attend a family gathering this holiday season. Many will also endure a chronically negative or critical relative. You know who I mean. Every family seems to have at least one. That person we avoid all year long but have to see at holidays because we're related. We need a plan for keeping our sanity and self-esteem intact when we're around these toxic people.

  • Improving Your Family's Communication

    Imagine this scene: A neighbor is at your house, visiting over a cup of tea. You start feeling irritated and pressured when you realize you are running late for an appointment. What would you say to your neighbor? Imagine the same situation, except it's your child at the breakfast table. How would it change your response? Is it possible that you might respond in a more disrespectful way?

  • Praise for Parents

    Parenting advice usually focuses on the challenges parents face, mistakes to avoid and effective skills we can use. But every parent and parenting "partner" deserves a pat on the back for doing something positive, even on a small scale, that means a lot to a child. I want to make sure we do that here, now and then.

  • Helping "Moody" Kids

    It's extremely rare for a preschooler to be clinically depressed, unless something seriously traumatic has happened. It sounds more like your son is just vulnerable to getting bumped into a bad mood, and that it's harder than one would like for him to climb back out of his slump. And he sounds very normal; lots of other kids have similar tendencies. So what to do?

  • Resolving Quarrels

    Disagreements and grievances are normal in any relationship, whether it's between a mom and dad, or between two nations or peoples. All too often, though, they get out of hand, leading to hurt feelings, anger, and lashing out. Your best chance of resolving a quarrel is to do the four things below, even if you just do them yourself.

  • The First Month of Fatherhood

    Welcome to your first month of fatherhood! You have arrived home from the hospital proud, excited and perhaps a bit exhausted from the experience of childbirth. What's next?

  • Why Stay-at-Home Moms Are Often Too Tired for Sex

    It's not uncommon for a woman who has children to collapse in bed at night feeling as emotionally and physically drained as a vampire victim. Aside from often not having the physical and emotional energy for even the simplest bedroom gymnastics, it can be hard for a woman to intellectually switch gears from mommy to vixen.

  • "Dress up" for Moms

    Like many stay-at-home moms and work-from-home people, I rarely have a reason to dress up. (And by "dress up" I mean wear something other than shorts and a T-shirt in the summer or a turtleneck and comfy slacks in the winter.)
    But if I did have to dress up because my life involved...

  • Artificial Sweeteners May Make Weight Gain Easier

    Artificial sweeteners may contribute more to weight gain than food rich in sugar. A study published in the Behavioral Neuroscience Journal has sparked a scientific debate on the role of calorie-free saccharine in obesity. The study suggested artificial sweeteners, which have zero or very low calories, seem to have destroyed the physiological link between sweet tastes and calories, resulting in overeating.