• Risks of Smoking During Pregnancy

    Stopping smoking it the best gift you can give your baby. Cigarette smoke contains more than 2,500 chemicals, with nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide thought to be the most dangerous to the fetus.

  • Trying to Conceive Terms and Acronyms

    Starting the "trying to conceive" journey is a lot like traveling in a foreign land -- complete with a new language! Were you wondering if the author was really writing in English the last article you read? To help with translation, we've put together an annotated acronym list.
  • Miscarriage: How Men Can Deal with It

    Loss of an unborn baby often affects men and women in a very different way especially if the loss is in the early staa woman knows she is pregnant she will start thinking about the embryo as a real person -- one with a face, fingers, toes and a name. Guys on the other hand...

  • The Business Side of Having a Baby

    She's thinking of the baby, wondering how breastfeeding will go, how much time she'll take off from work and what color to paint the nursery. You're thinking about the money, the future, your buddies, perhaps a bigger house and wondering whether you really have to buy a mini-van.

  • Partner's Guide to the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

    The baby blues are common mood swings experienced after childbirth. Keep an eye out for these symptoms and be as supportive as possible. Remember your partner's body has been through a tough nine months and hormones are rampant. These symptoms should disappear within 10 days.

  • Busy But Bored

    A paradox of stay-at-home motherhood is that while you're busy practically every minute of the day -- caring for kids, entertaining kids, picking up after kids -- the day can drag, leaving you feeling lonely, isolated, angry and depressed.

  • It's Your Birthright! Understanding Your Rights During Labor and Delivery

    An expectant mother can feel like a specimen and not like a person with legal rights and individual preferences. Expectant mothers do have the right to control their medical care, to make choices based on information and to refuse care. Learning what your legal rights are will help you feel more in charge.

  • Infertility: An Emotional Roller Coaster

    Infertility testing -- yikes! Tell him not to think of the test as a test of his manliness but a simple sperm donation. Having a fertility test is very worthwhile and can detect potential problems with fertility that may save you both years of heartache. How can you explain that it will expedite the process and make you much happier? Read on for ideas.

  • A Five Second Guide to Birth

    If you have just found this website, your wife is giving birth today and you are looking for some quick advice, here is a last minute guide to birth courtesy of guys from the Being Dad DVDs.