• Morning Sickness: Making Him Understand Your Pain

    Morning Sickness is a lot like back pain. If you've never experienced it you'll never appreciate how debilitating it can be. Do men understand morning sickness? No. Do men under estimate how bad it can be? Yes. How can you get your man to be more supportive and sympathetic toward your morning sickness?

  • What Not to Say to Your Pregnant Woman!

    Okay boys, your wife is pregnant and things are starting to get interesting. The hormones are kicking in and things can get a little bit dicey. There are so many areas of discussion that can get you into hot water. Here are few typical issues faced by the unassuming dad-to-be.

  • Honey! I'm Pregnant

    Honey! I'm pregnant! These three words can get your pregnancy off to a bad start. Having interviewed hundreds of new dads across the world for the Being Dad films, I've identified one universal male emotion when it comes to pregnancy -- denial.

  • Sex During Pregnancy: The Great Divide

    It's down to the last trimester and your partner is really looking pregnant. This is where for half of you out there the question of sex during pregnancy can become problematic. Yes, you still find your wife attractive but the thought of having sex with her bothers you. Fear are not alone.

  • Top 10 Ways to Get Him into Babymaking

    Let's get to the very crux of the parenting matter -- conception and sex. There are some very important do's and dont's that every woman out there needs to know to get the best performance from their steed. How can you keep him on the job at the crucial times without turning what should be everyone's favorite past time into an experience to rival milking time at the dairy?

  • Managing Anger Between Parent and Child

    When we're in an emotional state, we can't communicate or problem solve constructively. Our feelings hijack us, blocking our capacity to focus. We need to find ways to reduce the anger and begin to communicate again.

  • Five Things Nature will Teach Your Child

    Deep in the woods, something small is lurking and just waiting to be discovered. Leading children into the arms of nature will expand their horizons and help make them become well-rounded individuals. Here are five things your children will learn by interacting with nature:

  • Money Talk: 10 Best Things You Can Say to Your Children about Money

    Many parents do not know how, do not want to, or lack the communication skills necessary to talk to their children about money in general. So when a money crisis develops, the potential to pass fearful and negative attitudes towards money to the next generation increases.

  • Sneaky Chef's Macho Burgers

    Grown men can be worse than the kids when it comes to healthy eating! I have a recipe for burgers with hidden pureed blueberries and spinach in them. You can't see or taste anything unusual.

  • Let's Talk About Injuries and Prevention

    This morning I was running with G. (my former smoker who is up to 5.5 miles now.) She was running very slowly this morning and I finally asked, what's up. She confessed that her hamstring is sore. As we plodded along, she said it was really only her right and it was really, really tight.