• What is a Cesarean Section?

    What is a Cesarean Section? A cesarean section is the surgical delivery of the baby through an abdominal incision. Supposedly, Julius Caesar was delivered in this manner, hence the name.

  • 10 Questions to Ask About Childbirth

    When you are deciding where to have your baby, you'll probably be choosing from different places such as a birthing center, a hospital, or a home birth service. Here's what you should expect, and ask for, in your birth experience.

  • Grief: Weathering the Storm

    We grow up thinking that babies aren't supposed to die. They're meant to outlive their parents and live in a future generation. Unfortunately, reality teaches us that this is not always the case.

  • Morning Sickness: It's Not Easy Being Green!

    The paradox of morning sickness: Few people ever really dwell on the trauma of it, because it is the famous first sign of a glorious occasion to come -- the birth of a child. That is true. It's also true that morning sickness can be debilitating, depressing and alienating. Baby or no baby.

  • Morning Sickness: What to Pack for the Journey

    Morning sickness demands a plan -- a strategy -- for outsmarting your body and letting you feel in better control. To do that, you will need some basic tools... To start with, you will need a bigger bag -- something roomy enough to accommodate your needs. If you are feeling lousy, a little shopping excursion just might cheer you up!

  • Raising a Reader

    Raising readers is not about teaching young children to read. It is about helping children to enjoy reading and language by exposing them to colorful, wonderful books. Want to find out how to raise a reader? Check out these steps and you'll find you are on your way!

  • The First Signs of Intelligent Life: Awaken Your Baby's Inner Resources

    by Joseph Garcia

    Communication is one of the first challenges babies encounter. When children begin to communicate, they attempt to arrange in their minds the world around them and begin to understand and react to situations. The child observes and experiments with life to gain knowledge and confidence. Communication plays a critical role in helping the child interact with the world and become socially engaged.

  • Drinking In Pregnancy Tied to Child's Later Alcohol Problems

    by Colette Bouchez

    Women who drink during pregnancy may increase their child's risk of developing an alcohol addiction as a young adult -- and as little as one drinking binge could set the downward spiral in motion.

    That's the finding of a new study in the April issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry. Researchers from the University of Washington offered first-time evidence that a mother's drinking habits during pregnancy might influence whether her child develops a problem with alcohol much later in their life.