• Helpful Activities for Friends and Families Diagnosed with Cancer

    Do you have a friend or even your own child that has been diagnosed with cancer? Here are some helpful things you can do: Be sensitive to the emotional state of both the child and the parent; sometimes they want to talk about the cancer, other times they just want a hand to hold...

  • Signs of Childhood Cancer

    Approximately one in 330 children will be diagnosed with cancer by age 19. Although it is unlikely that your child will develop cancer, as a parent, you need to be aware of the symptoms of childhood cancer.

  • A Mother's View: Coping with Childhood cancer

    Memory is a funny thing. the day of my child's cancer diagnosis is a strong and vivid memory, even seven years later. Most of the time, I don't dwell on that series of images. It was, after all, a chapter in our lives, and one that is now blessedly behind us. But early each autumn...

  • Plus-size Pregnancy Can Be Healthy

    With over half of all pregnant women falling in the plus-size category, plus-size pregnancy is something that can no longer be ignored. But being plus-sized doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby if you get the information you need and receive good medical care.

  • Tips for Safeguarding Your Child

    Above all, encourage children to recognize, trust and follow their instincts -- and listen to your own instincts. If a situation or person makes you or your child uneasy, believe in your feelings and act on them.

  • Elizabeth Pantley's Potty Training Readiness Quiz

    Potty training is easier and happens faster if your child is truly ready in all three areas: physical, cognitive and social. But the big question is: how do you know when your child is ready? Take this quiz to find out where your child is on the readiness spectrum.