• The Family Dinner

    by Archer Crosley

    If I had to stress one thing that you could do for your family to enhance its quality and productivity, it would be the family dinner or meal.

    I believe there should be one meal per day where the family gets together and shares a common experience.

    The family dinner is not just a time to exchange pleasantries; the family dinner is when the family sits down and reviews family affairs. How are the kids doing in school? Is Johnny cleaning is room? Where would they all like to go on summer vacation?

  • Ten Reasons to Hold Your Toddler

    They need reassurance that where their brains are taking them is safe. They need more explanations of the new encounters they don't understand. And they need holding and nurturing so they feel safe and can go back out there and explore some more...

  • When Parents Disagree on Discipline

    Do you and your partner disagree on discipline? You should try to get on the same page. That's the best way to stop arguing with your kids as witnesses. Here are some strategies that can be helpful.

  • Got Milk? Calcium May Prevent Hypertension in Pregnancy

    Researchers have discovered a simple solution for a potentially dangerous problem for expectant mothers. Moms-to-be who are at risk for, or have, high blood pressure during their pregnancy may be able to prevent serious medical problems simply by boosting their calcium intake.

  • Ice Cream Equated with Better Fertility?

    Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have found that women who eat a lot of high-fat dairy foods -- like whole milk, cream cheese and yes, even ice cream -- may have better fertility than women who eat the low-fat versions of these products.

  • Infection Detection

    But genital itching can be a symptom of many other conditions, from other kinds of vaginal infections to sexually transmitted diseases to skin allergies. So unless you are fairly certain you have a bona fide yeast infection...

  • Making Mealtime Memorable for Baby

    Kicking, crying, screaming and flying peas -- the dinner table doesn't have to be a battleground for you and your child. In fact, preventing such scenes in your kitchen is probably the best way to ensure that your child eats a satisfying meal for his stomach and your mental health.

  • Thyroid Testing Urged for Pregnant Women

    A healthy thyroid in a mother is crucial during the first three months of pregnancy. Lack of thyroid hormone affects the normal prenatal development of a baby's brain and also affects all the associated brain functions.

  • Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    Here is a dilemma: I have four friends who are pregnant. What are some unusual and popular baby shower gifts? I'd like to get something new and different if possible.