• Post Partum Tips: Breast-Feeding Problems and Signs of Trouble

    Try putting on some soothing music or having a cup of decaffeinated tea. The more you are able to relax, the easier let-down will occur. If you are experiencing pain that is preventing you from relaxing during nursing, see the section below on pain management.

  • Seven Tips for Hiring a Babysitter

    "Take some time for yourselves. Create a date night. Hire a babysitter and spend quality quiet time together. But finding a babysitter who has a similar parenting style to your own is no easy task. More and more parents are struggling to find a compatible, reputable babysitter, even if it's for a few hours a month.

  • Back Up Your Child's Diet

    You know that it is wise to back up your computer's hard drive; I recommend backing up your child's food drive with a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement. This simple habit could improve your child's health and even intelligence.

  • Post Partum Tips: Taking Care Of Mom

    Many new-parent problems are the result of exhaustion. As you try hard to be a good parent, your own basic needs may get pushed to the side-lines.

  • Oops, I Forgot to Have a Baby

    The subject was age 40+ women who suddenly realized that, in the race for career, success, and salary, something had slipped their minds. They'd forgotten to have children -- to create a family nest alongside their career nest.

  • Cloth Training Pants

    When you were pregnant, one of your many decisions was whether you would use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. Now that your child is no longer a baby, the cloth versus disposable decision comes into play again -- this time over training pants. A third alternative is to simply go directly to underwear.

  • The Green Washing Machine

    For such a little person, a baby sure goes through a lot of laundry: diapers, bibs, sleepers, undershirts, blankets, sheets, socks, pants...and of course all the items the baby spits up on that also need to be cleaned -- often.

  • How to Handle Bullies!

    The new school year is upon us and bullies are hot in the neighborhoods, childcare facilities and camps! How can we prepare our kids to handle these hot heads? Here's some tips and advice...

  • It's Wise to Supervise

    When children are young, it's simple to decide how much supervision they need -- constant. Young children lack good judgment and should not be left alone for long.