• Interrupting

    Whether you're on the phone, busy on your computer, or talking to another adult, it can be frustrating when your children constantly interrupt you. What's surprising to learn is that they do it because they always get a response from you when they do!

  • Baby Food - Organic or Not

    Did you know that by weight, your baby will eat more, drink more, and even breathe more air than you? Not only is this a fascinating fact, it helps to explain that what goes in your baby's little body can have such a tremendous impact.

  • Healthier First Birthday Cake Ideas

    Parents are often looking for a healthy alternative to the standard, sugary, preservative-filled birthday cake for their baby's introduction to the wonderful traditions of birthdays. We've heard from parents looking for ways to buy an egg-free cake, to those seeking recipes for "healthy" cakes.

  • Seven Suggestions for Parents of Fussy Eaters

    There are some very simple steps that parents can take to assure their child of a healthy diet. Much of what we want for our children -- healthy bodies with less illness, the ability to concentrate, better study skills, adept physical ability -- can be aided with a wholesome menu.

  • Increased Stress for Mothers of Young Children

    I'm on the go all the time, there are constant interruptions and frustrations, a lot of things are anxiety-provoking or frustrating or both, and there's almost no time for a break. I'm actually worried about my health from all this. What can I do?

  • In the Kitchen with Baby

    The choice of what goes into an infant's mouth is up to us, at least while our children are small. Most of us want to feed our children the best food possible, but often the line between nutrition education and advertising is thin.

  • Relaxed and Peaceful

    long hours taking care of young children by yourself is more stressful than most jobs. And mothers on the average are more stressed than fathers or women not raising children. So what is it that brings that stress back down to baseline?

  • Five Strategies That Help Kids Want to Behave

    Discipline is one of the most googled words for parents. The word "discipline" has nothing to do with punishment. The root of "discipline" is "disciple," from the verb "to teach." The question, of course, is what kind of discipline is most conducive to learning?

  • Easing the Transition from the Family Bed to Solo Sleeping

    Even if you are a proponent of the family bed, there will come a time when your child will need to sleep by himself. My rule of thumb is that when anyone in the family bed is uncomfortable, or is having their own sleep compromised, it's time for the child to sleep on his own.