• Attachment Parenting: Why Should I Use It?

    Once the baby learns that her caretakers are reliably nurturing and protective, she builds on this internal security as she proceeds to the next developmental task of exploration, matery of the environment, and forming relationships with others.

  • Attachment Parenting: Create a Connection

    What do babies need? Their parents. Not the cute baby clothes you got at the shower. Not the baby swing, or seat, or crib. Not even diapers. You may need all that. But your baby needs his parents.

  • Your New Baby

    Your challenge? Learning everything about your baby when he was delivered without an owner's manual -- and as soon as you figure it out, he changes! Renegotiating your entire life. Here's a parent's gameplan.

  • Your Growing Baby: 6 Months to One Year

    The Challenge: Now that you don't have a brand new baby, you expect yourself to pull your life together and get a grip. NOT likely! So what should be a priority?

  • Enjoying Christmas with Toddlers

    The holiday season can be stressful if we try to do too much, but throw in a couple of toddlers and things can become overwhelming quickly, not to mention stressful for your kids! Here are some toddler tips to help make your holiday season more enjoyable for the entire family.

  • Babies Love a Good Massage

    by Arindam Chattopadhyaya

    Babies, too, like a massage, and it helps them to relax, sleep better, and sometimes, digest their food. Strokes that are used to massage an adult can be used on babies. You need to learn by practice what your child enjoys most.

    Some points to remember while massaging your baby:

    • He/she will not stay still for long periods of time
    • The strokes will have to be gentle, and smaller to adapt to the baby's body
    • Depending on the age, the child can be placed in your lap or on a floor towel during the massage
  • Ten Ways to Entertained a Toddler in the Kitchen

    If I don't keep my little girl busy and entertained, she's either off in another room scaling the furniture, clinging to my legs and screaming for attention, or grabbing for hot pots and kitchen shears. So, here are some ways I've found to keep her safe and happy while I get dinner ready.

  • On the Road with Baby

    Taking a road trip with a baby is definitely a challenge. Whether you're excited about it, stressed about it, or a combination of both, there are some basic suggestions that can help you make the trip successful and fun!

  • Are Iron Supplements Necessary for Breastfed Babies?

    by Christine Albury

    Many parents are led to to believe that routine iron supplementation is required for breastfed babies once they reach 6 months of age. Some studies, however, suggest that iron supplementation is unnecessary, unless signs of iron-deficiency anemia are present.

  • How To Handle Mother's Day Emotions

    Whether or not you are out of the closet to your family and friends regarding your fertility issues, holidays or special occasions including the upcoming "Mother's Day" celebration can be difficult to handle.