• Helping Your Baby Get to Sleep

    I knew that new parents were supposed to be sleep deprived, but I had never expected anything like this. What's the best sleep strategy for exhausted new parents? How can you be there when you baby needs you, but still get some rest?

  • A Conservative Vaccine Schedule

    After many months of soul-searching and multiple failed attempts to get information from my pediatrician, I decided to do some research on vaccines and the risks to my newborn.

  • Pressured to Start Solids Too Soon?

    by Christine Albury

    When you have a baby -- particularly your first -- a little advice from friends and family can be very useful. But when it comes to feeding your little one, the advice you receive may conflict with that given by your pediatrician. So what do you do when the advice begins to feel like criticism -- or even pressure?

  • Taking a Road Trip with Your Baby

    To Grandmother's house we go! And you'll be in the car for five whole hours -- how can you make the trip enjoyable with a baby along? There's no question: Marathon car trips with a baby on board take a good amount of planning and organization. But it can be done.

  • Separation Anxiety

    The development of separation anxiety demonstrates that your baby has formed a healthy, loving attachment to you. It is a beautiful sign that your baby associates pleasure, comfort, and security with your presence.

  • Have a Happy Marriage When You're Busy Being Parents

    Is your marriage everything you ever hoped it could be? Or has it been pushed down your list of priorities since having children? Let's face it, parenthood is a full-time job, and it dramatically changes your marriage relationship.

  • Get Your Toddler to Cooperate!

    Robert Scotellaro is quoted in The Funny Side of Parenthood as saying, "Reasoning with a two-year-old is about as productive as changing seats on the Titanic." (He must have had a two-year-old at the time.) You can get around this frustrating state of affairs by changing your approach.

  • Wonderful Sounds for Sleep

    The environment that your baby enjoyed for nine long months in the womb was a constant symphony of sound -- your heartbeat and fluids rushing in and out of the placenta. Research indicates that "white noise" sounds or soft bedtime music helps many babies to relax and fall asleep more easily.

  • Newborn Babies and Sleep

    This is a glorious time in your life -- and a sleepless time, too. Newborns have very different sleep needs than older babies. This article will help you understand your baby's developing sleep patterns, and will help you have reasonable expectations for sleep.

  • Moving from Crib to Bed

    When your child moves from crib to bed it's a milestone in his life as well as yours. There is no precise time for making this move, though typically it's between the first and third birthday. The key to success is to be patient and allow your child time to adjust to the change.