• Mealtime Solutions for Your baby, Toddler, and Preschooler

    Looking for ways to encourage healthy eating and sidestep "food fights" with your baby, toddler, and preschooler? Here are some solutions drawn from Mealtime Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler: The Ultimate No-Worry Approach for Each Age and Stage.

  • Dinner Dilemmas

    Things seem to fall apart at our house most nights when I'm trying to make dinner. My baby will want to nurse or be held, my toddler will want me to play with him, and in the meantime I'll be trying to figure out how to get something more inspired than chicken nuggets on the dinner table...

  • Your Toughest Mealtime Challenges, Solved!

    Whether it's a toddler who brings a whole new dimension to leisurely dining, a preschooler who redefines pickiness, or the day-to-day challenge of getting dinner on the table, Ann Douglas offers these solutions to your family's toughest mealtime challenges.

  • Baby-Proofing Basics

    One of the first things that goes through a new parent's head is the need for safety. Baby proofing your home is a major concern -- and rightfully so. Many accidents that happen in the home can be prevented with a few safety precautions.

  • New Holiday Traditions After Divorce

    So you think you're moving along and adapting to your new split-family living situation. Then what do you spy on your calendar? Thanksgiving doesn't fall on Tuesday? It doesn't fall on Saturday, Sunday or Monday either. What can you do to make split-family living better during the holidays?

  • Food Safety Once Baby Arrives

    Send out those baby announcements -- your bundle of joy has finally arrived! You've completed your first nine months of the journey. Now, here's how you, grandparents, and caregivers can help keep baby's food safe from here on...

  • Ten Tips for a Peaceful Holiday Season: Helping Kids Relax

    Kids get pretty anxious over the holidays. It's a time of excitement and wonder, and they often have a hard time relaxing, staying calm and sleeping well. Here are some tips to help your kids stay relaxed and on a healthy sleep schedule

  • Help Your Child's Identity Form

    Children develop their identity by learning to know what they like about their environment, their way of dressing, their way of relating to others and the world.

  • Jill's PPD Story

    I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression when my daughter was 3-months-old. I knew that I had the Baby Blues, but they just didn't seem to go away and I felt like it was getting worse, not better.