• Best Breastfeeding Advice

    Recently I was with a group of Mothers who were discussing the breastfeeding advice they had received as brand new Moms. I realized quickly how fortunate I was to have been given the best advice I ever got on breastfeeding by my own Mother.

  • Choosing Age Appropriate Baby Toys

    Toys do more than just keep babies entertained -- they're extremely important for their mental, physical, intellectual and social development. Toys are the tools that teach baby about their world.

  • Keeping Your Baby's Head the Perfect Shape

    Babies don't get plagiocephaly from being put on their backs to sleep but from spending extended periods lying on their backs, particularly if they always tend to lie looking to one side. This can occur because:

  • Crying Baby: Will Picking Her Up Spoil Her?

    Many parents ask if they should pick up their crying baby, concerned that they will spoil the baby if they do. My simple answer is "Yes, pick up and attend to your crying baby". By being responsive to her/his crying, you are letting your baby know that she/he is loved and cared for and that will give her/him security.

  • Caring for your Intact Baby's Foreskin

    by Maud Meates-Dennis

    It is usual that a baby's foreskin will not retract (pull back) and the foreskin may not actually fully retract for years. Mothers don't have personal experience of how to clean a boy's foreskin and are often unsure of what to do.

    The following guideline will help you:

    • Choosing the Right Toy

      Research indicates that stimulating age-appropriate toys will help children to more fully develop their physical, cognitive and creative abilities. If you've browsed the aisles of any toy store lately you probably know that selecting the right toy can be a difficult undertaking.

    • Michele's PPD Story

      Hi my name is Michele and I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed with PPD when she was approximately 4 months old.

    • Ten Tips to Buying Educational Toys

      With a million toys on the market today, it is tough to pick out the best combination of fun and learning. Every toy should be fun, safe, and help the child develop and exercise some skill. When faced with so many choices...

    • Toy Tips for Your Baby

      Research shows that many disabilities and learning disorders in young children can be avoided by providing appropriate cognitive stimulation as early as possible. By giving your baby the right stimulation, you can ward off such problems and groom your baby for pre-school and the challenges that follow.