• Perfect Papaya

    Cold, fruit soups may seem a bit sophisticated for a toddler, but think again. They are perfect - sweet, healthy, and refreshing. Come to think of it, they are perfect for anyone on a hot summer day. Bring two spoons to the table with a bowl of this soup.

  • Flax Seed for Your Family

    It is recommended that flax seed be eaten finely ground for maximum nutritional benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Here are few quick tips for adding more flax seed into your family meals.

  • Food Allergies and Children

    As you introduce your child to new foods, you should introduce each new food one at a time, and watch for any changes in your child's appearance or behavior. Some common symptoms of food allergies/intolerances include:

  • Potty Training Readiness

    My definition of a potty trained child -- a potty trained child knows that he is to eliminate in a potty or the toilet; and will do so own his own when he has the urge to eliminate.

  • Make Healthy Choices Easy

    The best way to encourage your child to successfully make healthy food choices is to have plenty of them available and to avoid or limit the number of unhealthy food choices in your home.

  • Tips for Putting Your Child to Bed

    Getting your child to sleep is about much more than what happens once they get into bed. Here are some ways to establish a healthy bedtime routine each and every night.

  • How Healthy is Your Child?

    There is a silent epidemic spreading throughout America. It is insidious and ravaging, and its victims are our children. What is it? Obesity in children has emerged as a serious threat to our nation's health. Take this quiz to find out if your child is at risk.

  • Simple Mom-Tested Secrets: Setting Up Successful Play Groups

    Did you know that playgroups are one of the best ways for kids to learn friendship-making skills as well as build their self-esteem? So whether you're wondering how to start a playgroup or improve the one your child is already in, here are a few important secrets I've learned...

  • Five Things About Your Pregnancy and Birth

    I strongly encourage pregnant women to embrace this truly magical time, a time when their own soul allows the entrance of another into this world. The following is a list of the five things I advise every expectant couple to know.

  • Encouraging Your Struggling Reader

    When you have a reluctant or struggling reader on your hands, it fills you with anxiety and concern about how best to intervene. Studies show that as students move through the grades, voluntary reading decreases and negative attitudes toward reading rise.