• Fears of a Clown

    There are certain words spoken by a child that can send a shiver of panic through every parental nerve ending. "My Gymbo's gone!"

    Most children, sometime in their early bedtime careers, take a liking to sleeping with a stuffed animal, cuddly clown, small blanket or ...

  • How to Get a Man to do Housework

    How do you get a man to do his share of the housework? If you are like most women you've faced this question the hard way: in an argument with your husband. Here's a man's take on this troublesome issue.

  • A Sign of Our Times: Controlling Nature's Process of Birth

    Despite today's modern techniques, induction of labor still holds considerable risk compared to natural onset of birth. And most inductions are done for reasons simply not supported by sound medical research. So what is the driving force behind this culture of birth-on-demand?

  • Healthy Habits: Juice and Kids

    It may surprise you to hear that over consumption of juice can contribute to obesity. A recent study of small children found that those who consumed more than 12 ounces a day were more overweight than other children. While this study is not conclusive evidence, it is worthy of mention.

  • Notes for Valentine's Day and Beyond

    Whether your child is three years old or seventeen -- cards, notes, and letters, are a great way to deliver a message of love and understanding. Here are some ways to use the written word in your relationship with your child:

  • The Original Intent of Mother's Day

    The original intent of Mother's day is unknown to the general population. It was an opportunity to use mother love as a powerful force for peacemaking, reconciliation and community cohesion.

  • Planting Seeds of Inner Value

    For this dream to come true, children must feel safe, loved, and valued. And most importantly, they must love and value themselves -- not just for what they look like or achieve, but for the very essence of who they are.

  • Raising Courageous, Compassionate Kids

    It's important to protect and reassure our children in today's turbulent times; it's also important to focus on courage and understanding. If we completely shield our children from every challenging situation, they are likely to become more vulnerable to manipulation, fear and intimidation

  • Holiday Toy Safety Tips

    When it comes to purchasing toys and games for the Holiday season, well meaning parents and relatives go crazy. Keep the Holidays simple, fun and safe by following these guidelines. Share them with family and friends for a wonderful season.