• Rock-and-Roll Relationship Building

    Music is a particularly interesting aspect of child rearing because it is universal. It's a simple way for necessary bonding between parents and children to take place; bonding that begins during infancy, but carries on through childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood.

  • Six Myths About Being a SAHM

    You might not like hearing these things, but while the truth is not always what you want to hear, it is what you need to hear, and as a fellow SAHM who had no idea what she was getting herself into, I feel it is my responsibility (and perverse pleasure) to enlighten you.

  • How Can I Feel Sexy in a Ketchup Stained Shirt?

    One of the things you will quickly learn about being a stay-at-home-mom is that it can sometimes be difficult to shift gears from Mommy to Hot Mama. When it's 9 p.m. and your husband is giving you that look, it can be a challenge to look at your husband with little more than indifference. Here's a few ways to make that S in SAHM stand for Sexy!

  • The Myth of the Supermom

    Remember the days back when you were working and you and your work friends who were moms would talk about the life of a stay at home mom and how perfect it must be? We're all eating those words now, aren't we? Would you like ketchup on yours?

  • Boosting Your Immune System

    There are things you can really do to strengthen your immune system so it is more able to fight off pesky invaders, and less likely to over-react and attack your body (i.e., an autoimmune illness).

  • How to Say "I love you" with Meaning

    "I love you," are three words all children need to hear often from their parents. Do you want those words to have real meaning to your child?

  • Ten Travel Tips for Easing Vacation Frustration

    Buckled into an uncomfortable car seat in hot weather may seem like cruel and unusual punishment to kids; their cries of "when will we get there?" can seem unreasonable to even the most patient adult. Regardless of the distance you travel, being prepared is the key.

  • Choosing the Right Chores for Kids

    Chore time!" As quick as a wink they jumped up from playing and scurried to their kitchen where they proceeded to unload dishes, and put clean ones in the cupboard. So what was the secret to the mom's success? Believe me, I asked her, and my girlfriend shared these three simple secrets...

  • Relieving Pain During Labor

    I am sure you have heard the horror stories that a lot of women take delight in telling about the pain of labor. While yes it can hurt, it's for the most wondrous cause. Learn more about medicalized pain relief options.

  • Jonathan's Story

    Jonathan is now six weeks old. He was born 4 weeks premature and breastfeeding, at first, was challenging. He was just too tired to latch on and suck for very long. The first couple days at the hospital, we supplemented my colostrum with formula.