• Toddler Treat: Snappy Pea and Pineapple Salad

    Kids love sugar snap peas for the same reason adults do -- they're crunchy, sweet and fun to eat! This is a delicious salad that's sure to be a hit at the dinner table or in the lunchbox.

  • A Celebration of Family

    International Parenting Commitment Day, March 20th is fast approaching. Are you ready to commit or recommit to the sacred and important role of parenting so you can uplift, encourage, and inspire your children to become responsible, caring, confident people?

  • How Good is Breastfeeding, Really?

    Human milk contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. So does infant formula. But the bioavailability (the amount of a nutrient that the body can actually absorb) of the nutrients in each fluid differs markedly.

  • Is Breastmilk Green?

    Human milk is produced and delivered to the consumer without any pollution, unnecessary packaging or waste. Most of the focus on the environmental effect of newborns is concentrated on the debate between cloth vs. disposable diapers, but the environmental consequences of formula feeding have far greater impact.

  • How Do other Mammals Nurse?

    Days and nights we stayed up in the bracken pile, curled around one another, while I gave suck and licked and settled squabbles. They fed and slept and fed and squabbled, and I watched their small, sleek bodies plumping up with milk. Their eyes were shut, their small heads pushed into my flank, muzzles butting, jaws working hard in the rhythm of life, which is, at first, no more than suck and swallow.
    From Fire, Bed & Bone, Henrietta Branford, Candlewick Press, 1998

  • About Attachment Parenting

    Attachment parenting is a new term for an age-old approach. The needs of babies and children have not changed for countless generations -- though our values and parenting styles have. The human race simply would not have survived if mothers had not met the infant's most basic needs.

  • Breastfeeding - A Prophylactic to Obesity?

    They have to keep replacing the seats. Stadiums, opera houses and theaters all across America have found that patrons won't keep coming unless they make room for them - room in the seats, that is. In the United States, obesity is increasing at an epidemic rate.

  • Breastfeeding Advice: Help or Hinderance?

    Many factors likely influence your decision to nurse, how you go about establishing and maintaining your nursing relationship, and how long you keep going. Even if you assert that you are not influenced by others' opinions...

  • Is Breastfeeding Truly Best?

    If you're expecting a baby you've undoubtedly heard that "breast is best." Breastfed babies are healthier. They are less likely to have diarrhea, suffer from ear infections, develop allergies. They have better immune systems, better protection against SIDS, and are less likely to need braces, become obese, or develop certain childhood cancers.