• The Ninth Month of Fatherhood

    Most couples begin parenthood hoping to be equal partners in both work and family life, but it seldom works out that way. Usually at nine months you begin to feel that you have assigned "roles." This is an important time to talk with your wife about your parenting partnership.

  • The Tenth Month of Fatherhood

    I remember how happy I would be when our son slept two nights in a row without waking up. I thought, finally we would get back to having a normal nights sleep. It seemed, just as I thought we had a "routine" established, I would find that the next night all would change.

  • The Eleventh Month of Fatherhood

    In your eleventh month of fatherhood it is probably hard to remember what life was like without your baby! Your life as a family and a father is the center of all your decisions and day to day activity. Your baby continues to grow into the world around him.

  • The Second Month of Fatherhood

    Many new fathers comment on how wonderful and difficult that first month is. Your baby is still small and helpless but by the second month you may feel a difference as you hold him. He may seem to be more of a person.

  • The Third Month of Fatherhood

    Dad's at this time often hit the "exhaustion point." The unpredictability of the nights is usually the toughest. Not getting a continual night's sleep leaves many new fathers feel spent and fatigued.

  • What Can We Do with the Placenta?

    My wife is 8 months pregnant. We've done a lot of reading, taken childbirth and parenting classes, and we thought we were ready for anything. Then just the other day, a friend asked what we were planning to do with the baby's placenta. Frankly, the question had never even occurred to me or my wife. But now that we're thinking about it, it seems strange to just throw it out. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Accept Your Body

    Simply put, a negative attitude toward food (such as feeling that it controls us, not the other way around) takes away our confidence and belittles our self-esteem. And it's this shaky belief in oneself that is at the root of many a real weight problem.

  • Teach Kids How to Succeed -- and Fail

    To me, success means helping our children understand who they are, giving them opportunities to discover what interests them, and guiding and supporting their attempts to use their gifts to their fullest potential.

  • Dietary Essentials for Your Baby

    In the past three decades, the number of overweight two-year-olds has doubled. These statistics are alarming and should concern all parents. When your baby reaches 12 months old, you need to focus on some basic nutritional aspects.

  • Toddler Treat: Cauliflower Soup

    Soup is a terrific meal for toddlers. Smooth soups or broths are the best starters soups, because their textures are easily managed in the mouth. Soup also offers a great opportunity to develop "spoon" skills.