• Preventing Low Back Pain

    It's really not surprising that at one time or another, every individual will suffer from back pain. After all, our backs are involved in every thing we do. Injuries resulting from improper body movements and other forms of non-traumatic causes, which make up the majority of back pain cases, can often be prevented.

  • What to Expect: First Chiropractic Visit

    Chiropractors may vary with regards to their practice of chiropractic as well as how they manage their office. However, when it comes to new patient encounters or "first visits" many similarities do exist.

  • Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

    by David Eschenbach, MD, William Ledger, MD, FACOG and Benson Horowitz, MD

    Yeast infections are a common problem for women and some say pregnancy increases your risk. Many women feel they know enough about the condition to take care of it themselves, but for pregnant women, self-diagnosis is a no-no. Tune in as experts discuss why pregnant women are considered more prone to yeast infections and why a doctor's visit is a must.

  • Financial Responsibility: Allowances

    Teaching children the value of money and financial responsibility is one of the most practical and important lessons children can learn. Americans have never been more fiscally irresponsible.

  • Sharing the News with Children

    Explaining the process to children is easier than you think. Whoever came up with this statement never taught preschool while pregnant!

  • Preventing Type II Diabetes

    The average mother is about 10 pounds heavier than a comparable woman without children, moms tend to eat high-carb quick foods on the run, and mothers are at heightened risk for Type II diabetes.

  • Is Your Child's Backpack a Pain in the Neck?

    Complaints about back and shoulder pain are increasingly common. Parents have every right to be concerned about how heavy their child's backpack is. In fact, overweight backpacks have been getting so much attention that April was declared National Backpack Safety Month.

  • You Are What You Drink

    It may seem as if it will be an uphill battle to get your family to switch from heavily advertised sodas, energy drinks, and sugary juice drinks to healthier beverages such as water and milk. Believe me, though, it's a battle worth fighting.

  • Weight Gain with Twins or More

    Eating right and gaining the recommended amount of weight is important in any pregnancy, but this is especially important when carrying more than one baby.