• Finger Food Mania: Tips and Recipes

    There is nothing cuter than watching your little one chase food around the highchair tray with her fingers, and seeing the sense of accomplishment in her face when a tiny little piece of food actually makes it her mouth.

  • Become "Marriage Warriors"

    The good news -- fathers have become much more loving, friendly and caring parents to their children. The bad news is that many fathers are still so intensely focused on their work -- and children -- that they are letting their marriages wither on the vine.

  • Discovering Michael

    Michael developed physically at a typical rate. He reached all of his growth milestones as if the charts were modeled after him. It was the social and emotional issues that started to beg for attention. He could never look at us in the eyes despite our attempts to force him.

  • To Wean or Not to Wean?

    At some point, every mother stops breastfeeding. Some start thinking about stopping not long after they've begun. Others find that nursing becomes such an important and rewarding part of their lives that they feel like they could go on forever.

  • Spoiling Children: Seven Myths

    Are there children who act as if they are entitled? Yes. Are there children who whine until the parents cave in? Yes. Are there children who pout if they don't get their way? Yes. Are there children who seem unappreciative of small gifts? Yes. Does that make them spoiled? NO.

  • Homemade Baby Food: A Fresh Start to Healthy Eating

    Introducing solid foods -- a fun and important step in your baby's development and well-being. In fact, studies show that babies who are fed nutritious, healthy diets grow into stronger kids and better-adjusted eaters than those who are fed poor diets.