• Prenatal Care in a Multiples Pregnancy

    Women expecting multiples have many different and unique experiences than those women who are carrying a single pregnancy. Since multiples are at a greater risk of developing complications, your healthcare provider will want to see you more frequently.

  • "Failure to Progress"

    "Failure to progress" in labor is a common reason for unplanned C-sections. Sometimes, though, it might simply be failure to wait. We've all heard the term, but what does it mean? Are there things you can to that will encourage labor to proceed? Does failure to progress always signal the need for intervention?

  • Pregnancy for Dads

    It isn't true that just because he isn't carrying the baby, the Daddy isn't vital to the pregnancy. From conception, there is only one Daddy, and he has a very big job to do.

  • Regain Your Perspective on Family Values

    You can easily be seduced by popular culture's messages that say that you will be a bad parent if you don't get your kids on the fast track as soon as possible. Examine and reconnect with your values (or change them). Make some deliberate choices about the kind of family life you want to have.

  • Safe Exercise during a Multiple Pregnancy

    You have been told that you are expecting multiples and that you will need to gain more weight, eat more calories, and possibly expect greater pregnancy symptoms. So, how does this affect your exercise routine?

  • Circumcision/Intact: Considerations

    Parents of all baby boys face a major decision -- should their newborn remain intact or should he be circumcised. This article summarizes both sides, from both parent's and medical association viewpoints, and lists further resources.

  • Choosing a Hospital and Doctor

    There are major differences in the way doctors and hospitals approach pregnancy and delivery. I'd like to spend the next few minutes making you a savvy consumer. The hospital is the most important choice you will make with regards your pregnancy. Is it baby friendly? Can it care for preterm babies? Take these and more into consideration when making your decision.